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Mahabongo - Swish It's EverywhereSwish It's Everywhere - Hindi
Swish It's Everywhere
Swish It's Everywhere - Japanese

You too can soon Mahabongo!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Mahabongo. You will soon be experiencing aural sex with us, the psychomimetic, free music intoxication of Swish It ' s Everywhere, the new album by Mahabongo. It will lodge in your lobes and pleasure the neurones.

Latin music, folk, jazz, reggae and rock combine in this startling new sound, a proper blend of catchy, energetic pop and jazz.

Written and arranged by Matthew Clark, who sings and plays guitar (and some bamboo flute), the album features some exceptionally talented musicians who have worked with a wide range of contemporary pop and jazz artists.

Very long in the pipeline, the ten songs on this album have been selected from Matthew Clark ' s wide repertoire of songs.

The album was released on 17th June 2008 on a new, independent label,, and is available to purchase, download and to listen to on CD